Sentence Examples

  • Being a Pharisee, he sometimes introduces traditions of the Elders, which are either inferences from, or embroideries of, the biblical narrative.
  • 34 et seq.) that his voice was uplifted in the Sanhedrin in favour of the disciples of Jesus who were threatened with death, and on this occasion he is designated as a Pharisee and as being "had in reputation among all the people" (vop,o&'wnaXos riµeos 7rav-ri rc i 3 Aaw).
  • " The real and only Pharisee," says the Talmud, " is he who does the will of his Father because he loves Him."
  • We now find " merit " confined to Christ, and the usual application ruled out, somewhat as St Paul's intenser use of Pharisee conceptions destroyed instead of confirming the idea of righteousness by'works.
  • Only Sameas, a Pharisee, dared to insist upon the legal verdict of condemnation.

What's another word for Pharisee?

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