Sentence Examples

  • The feast is ready, but no one has come to partake of it.
  • Therefore let them first eat meats and be sated, and then let them partake of the mysteries.
  • But until a man is in some way really united to Christ so as to partake of Him, the benefits of Christ's work cannot be attained by him.
  • Their food must be purchased with money lawfully acquired; and lest they should unwittingly partake of any that is ceremonially unclean, they require those Jahels, whose hospitality they share, to supply their wants from a store set apart for their exclusive use.
  • On the 8th of March 1673 Newton wrote to Oldenburg, the secretary of the Royal Society: " Sir, I desire that you will procure that I may be put out from being any longer Fellow of the Royal Society: for though I honour that body, yet since I see I shall neither profit them, nor (by reason of this distance) can partake of the advantage of their assemblies, I desire to withdraw."

What's another word for partake?

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