Sentence Examples

  • The orographic features of the Pacific Mountain system trend parallel to the coast-line of the Gulf of Alaska, changing with this at the great bend beyond the N., and of the Panhandle from S.E.
  • The Coast Range of the Panhandle attains a width of loo m., but has no well-defined crest line.
  • The coast region above the Panhandle shows on a smaller and diminishing scale the same characteristic features, gradually running into those of the Aleutians.
  • During a period of twenty-six years (from January 1882 to December 1908) the greatest extremes that were recorded in the state by the United States Weather Bureau were 113° at El Paso in June 1883 and - 16° at Amarillo, Potter county, in the Panhandle, in February 1899; within the same period the extremes at Galveston ranged only from 98° to 8°.
  • In the northern portion of the Panhandle to scarcely any along the coast and in the lower Rio Grande Valley.

What's another word for panhandle?

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