Sentence Examples

  • He holds - on grounds of fact and science - to the mechanical orderliness of nature, but claims that the Weltanschauung thus suggested may be reinterpreted in view of those undying human aspirations which MacTaggart dismisses to instant execution (unless they can dress themselves in syllogism).
  • He possessed in abundant measure the German virtue of orderliness in the arrangement of knowledge and in the conduct of business.
  • By the phrase "in order" he may himself have intended chiefly to contrast the orderliness and consecutiveness of his account with the necessarily fragmentary character of the catechetical instruction which Theophilus had received.
  • The orderliness of nature is appealed to as expressing the mind of its Creator.
  • The orderliness of Old Testament worship bears a like witness; everything is duly fixed by God; high priests, priests and Levites, and the people in the people's place.

What's another word for orderliness?

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