Sentence Examples

  • Whether you want to teach interpretive dance to children, work with hospice patients, or help facilitate a support group, you can find a nonprofit organization in Las Vegas or the surrounding areas to suit your career aspirations.
  • Although the group is a nonprofit designed not to make a profit for the company, the employees are nonetheless paid and the insurance system would therefore function just like it would in any typical employee/ employer situation.
  • In addition to following state specific incorporation procedures, those who are incorporating nonprofit organizations should also be familiar with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements specific to charitable entities.
  • Examples of organizations you may find to be helpful include the South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Southern Carolina Fundraising and the local chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
  • Attendees are staff, board members and volunteers of the member nonprofits, as well as those who work with nonprofit organizations, such as foundation trustees and staff members, community leaders and elected officials.