Sentence Examples

  • Because the most important aspect in dancing well in a nightclub is becoming one with the music, a good way to learn how to dance in a club is to find out what music is commonly played, and then listen to the music at home.
  • Fans began asking, "Is Beyonce pregnant?" after the 24-year-old singer was allegedly overheard telling a friend she was expecting rapper boyfriend Jay-Z's baby during an October 2005 visit to an Atlantic City nightclub.
  • Here, as in all Indy movies, the hero, played as always by Harrison Ford at his Male Lead best, is amiable, unflappable and indominable, although tried to the limits of his patience by a tag-along nightclub singer.
  • According to Wired Magazine contributing editor Spencer Reiss said that MySpace is the biggest mall, nightclub and 7-Eleven parking lot ever created and the most disruptive force to hit pop culture since MTV.
  • This game is best played at a bar, nightclub or gaming area with a somewhat rowdy and fun-loving crowd.The winning team can receive beads, cookies or gift certificates for getting everything first.