Sentence Examples

  • By feeding the sheep, the land is dunged as if it had been folded; and those turnips, though few or none be carried off for human use, are a very excellent improvement, nay, some reckon it so, though they only plough the turnips in without feeding."
  • Nay, I often did better than this.
  • "Nay, my queen, you saved me," he replied hoarsely.
  • Nay, you know well that my words which I have spoken unto you are spirit and life.
  • 11 " To inquire into the form of a lion, of an oak, or gold, nay, even of water or air, is a vain pursuit; but to inquire the form of dense, rare, hot, cold, &c., as well configurations as motions, which in treating of physic I have in 6 Valerius Terminus, iii.

What's another word for nay?

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