Sentence Examples

  • The room was tastefully done in a Southwestern motif with R. C. Gorman prints adorning the sand-colored walls.
  • The dome is the leading idea or motif in Byzantine ecclesiastical architecture; the domes are placed over square, not circular apartments, and their bases are brought to a circle by means of pendentives.
  • The wonderful overture is more highly organized and less unequal than that of Tannhduser; and although Wagner uses less L eit-motif than Weber (see Opera, ad fin.) and divides the piece into " numbers " of classical size, the effect is so continuous that the divisions could hardly be guessed by ear.
  • The fact that this theme is commonly called the " Ring-motif " is a glaring instance of what Wagner has had to endure from his friends.
  • Why should a Ring-motif be transformed into the theme representing Walhalla?

What's another word for motif?

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