Sentence Examples

  • I suppose I should modernize it, though.
  • The city proper retains much of its ancient grandeur, despite the tendency to modernize streets and private houses.
  • No attempt has been made by the French to modernize the ancient city.
  • Accordingly he will restore the spelling of the author if that can be ascertained: he will not accept the corruptions which have been introduced into it by copyists or printers, even though these may not affect its sense, nor will he modernize it so as to bring it into harmony with that of a later and to him a more familiar age.
  • His main purpose was to modernize and reinterpret Christianity; he says in the preface to the third edition of the book: "I have written it solely in the service of evangelical truth, to win to the truth those especially who have been most unhappily alienated from the church and its interests, in a great measure through the fault of a reactionary party, blinded by hierarchical aims."