Sentence Examples

  • The Sephardic Jews in all these respects occupied a superior position, and they merited the partiality shown to them.
  • Well-merited honours began to reach him; and in 1860 he visited Paris, and met with a warm reception there.
  • Nevertheless he cheerfully gave his voice in 1814 for the dethronement of his patron, and his "suppleness" merited a seat in the chamber of peers, and, in 1817, the dignity of a marquisate.
  • At first the prior treated the provocation with merited contempt, but his too zealous disciple Fra Domenico accepted the challenge.
  • His title "the Bad" seems little merited and expresses the bias of the historian Falcandus and the baronial class against the king and the official class by whom he was guided.

What's another word for merited?

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