Sentence Examples

  • After Tom's search for the lost memo, the items on top of his desk were all cattywampus. 
  • Many businesses have a memo template they use which makes filling in the details easier, but if you're starting with a blank piece of paper you'll begin by centering the word "memorandum" or "memo" in all caps.
  • You may find additional valuable information in this article explaining how to use memo templates.After viewing the samples of business memos at the links given above, you may find that you don't need to use a template at all.
  • This software will help you create your business plan and all its related documents, including the executive summary and the executive memo (a condensed version of the business plan that is longer than the executive summary).
  • Where a memo is used to communicate with someone in the same company, you would write a business letter when you want to ask a question, provide information, or forward documents to someone outside of your organization.