Sentence Examples

  • As soon as she was of marriageable age (probably about A.D.
  • The annual marriage-rate was for many years considerably below the average of Australia generally, a condition sufficiently accounted for by the continued emigration of men unmarried and of marriageable ages; this emigration had ceased in 1900, and the marriage-rate may be taken as 7.8 per thousand.
  • The word is possibly connected with the root of vECAos, p ubes (" cloud"), and originally meant "veiled," referring to the custom of a bride being led veiled from her home to that of the husband: hence, a married woman, and, in general, one of marriageable age.
  • Fosterage began when the child was a year old and ended when the marriageable age was reached, unless previously terminated by death or crime.
  • A custom prevails among the coast tribes of placing their marriageable maidens on view in little bowers specially built for the purpose - the skin of the girls being stained red.

What's another word for marriageable?

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