Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, the English Houses claimed and exercised the power to legislate directly for Ireland without even the nominal concurrence of the parliament in Dublin.
  • The proprietors were to legislate for the colony " by and with the advice, assent and approbation of the freemen."
  • 2 The council of Ancyra in 314, on the other hand, found it necessary to legislate in a somewhat different direction, - by its 14th canon enjoining its priests and clerks at least to taste meat at the love feasts.
  • The legal sovereign: the person or persons who, according to the law of the land, legislate or administer the government.
  • The first sejm to legislate for the whole of Poland was the diet of Piotrkow (1493), summoned by John Albert to grant him subsidies; but the mandates of its deputies were limited to twelve months, and its decrees were to have force for only three years.

What's another word for legislate?

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