Sentence Examples

  • Origin; while, lastly, such strikingly characteristic Indo-African birds as hornbills are unaccountably absent.
  • Lastly, what are "dimensions" ?
  • And lastly there was the common packing-paper, the charta emporetica, of 6 digiti or 4* in.
  • The " Preparative Meeting " usually consists of a single congregation; next in order comes the " Monthly Meeting," the executive body, usually embracing several Preparative Meetings called together, as its name indicates, monthly (in some cases less often); then the " Quarterly Meeting," embracing several Monthly Meetings; and lastly the " Yearly Meeting," embracing the whole of Great Britain (but not Ireland).
  • Lastly there is a pair of giant globes of artistic design, turned out by V.

What's another word for lastly?

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