Sentence Examples

  • Jardin, Essai sur l'histoire naturelle de l'archipel de Mendana (Paris, 1860); Clavel, Les Marquisiens (Paris, 1885); Dordillon, Grammaire et dictionnaire de la langue des Res Marquises (Paris, 1904).
  • He also collaborated with Adolphe Hatzfeld in a Dictionnaire general de la langue francaise (2 vols., 1895-1900).
  • His valuable Cours de grammaire historique de la langue frangaise was edited after his death by E.
  • He summoned the states-general of northern France (Langue d'ozl) to Paris in October 1356 to obtain men and money to carry on the war.
  • Catalan being a variety of the langue doc, it will be convenient to note the peculiarities of its phonetics and inflexion as compared with ordinary Provenal, Tonic VowelsWith regard to a, which is pronounced alike in open and close syllables (amar, a m a r e; abre, a r b o r), there is nothing to remark.

What's another word for langue?

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