Sentence Examples

  • Along the shore in a southerly direction from the long jetty which protects the entrance to the port.
  • Long jetties spring out on either side of the entrance, curving round about midway in order to run parallel to the river, thus forming a huge funnelshaped entrance; the eastern jetty forms a landing-stage for passenger traffic and the western is designed for the shipment of bunker and cargo coal.
  • In length, from the eastern jetty of the old, harbour.
  • A jetty exceeding a quarter of a mile in length permits the approach of vessels at all tides.
  • The harbour, lying to the east of the town, is protected on the south by a peninsula which carries the citadel and terminates in the Citadel jetty; to the south-west of this peninsula lies the Place Bonaparte, a quarter frequented chiefly by winter visitors attracted by the mild climate of the town.

What's another word for jetty?

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