Sentence Examples

  • Is commonly registered, with intermediate quantities at intervening localities.
  • It originally stood close to the Buriganga river; but the channel has shifted its course, and there is now an intervening space covered with trees between it and the river.
  • The most reliable test appears to be the nerve ganglia, which are more distinct from the intervening connectives than in other Annelids.
  • The intervening years had been spent by the Lombards, not irs consolidating their union, but in attempting to secure special privileges for their several cities.
  • The fine walls of the south and east sides were built by Cimon after the victory of the Eurymedon, 468 B.C.; they extend considerably beyond the old Pelasgic circuit, the intervening space being filled up with earth and the debris of the ruined buildings so as to increase the level space of the summit.