Sentence Examples

  • It is this close automatic interdependence cf engir e and boiler which makes the locomotive so extraordinarily w ell suited for the purpose of locomotive traction.
  • Thus we can construct a kind of envelope of theory, which, by careful testing as we proceed, can be made to indicate in a general manner the reactions of one part of the activities of the economic world upon the others, and the interdependence of the several parts.
  • The essential unity and interdependence of "all God's faithful people scattered throughout the world," is common to all sections of Christians.
  • The old doctrine of types, which was used by the philosophically minded zoologists (and botanists) of the first half 1 A very subtle and important qualification of this generalization has to be recognized (and was recognized by Darwin) in the fact that owing to the interdependence of the parts of the bodies of living things and their profound chemical interactions and peculiar structural balance (what is called organic polarity) the variation of one single part (a spot of colour, a tooth, a claw, a leaflet) may, and demonstrably does in many cases entail variation of other parts - what are called correlated variations.
  • The essential characteristic of a new growth is that this subordination is lost and the tissue elements, freed from the-normal mutual restraint of their interdependence, give way to an abnormal growth.

What's another word for interdependence?

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