Sentence Examples

  • Other than an infatuation with Josh before she met Alex, there had been no one else.
  • This infatuation colours all his later career.
  • Infatuation for Fanny Elssler, the celebrated danseuse, forms, the subject of some remarkable letters to his friend Rahel, the wife of Varnhagen von Ense (1830-1831).
  • His infatuation for Kunigunde of Eisenberg caused his wife to leave him, a.nd after her death in 1270 he married Kunigunde, who had already borne him a son, Apitz or Albert.
  • It is profoundly affecting to contemplate this man, a mere wreck from gout, shrinking from no fatigue, no labour, and no personal sacrifices; disregarding the obstacles and difficulties thrown in his way by cardinals and temporal princes, whose fatal infatuation refused to see the peril which hung above them all; recurring time after time, with all his intellect and energy, to the realization of his scheme; and finally adopting the high-hearted resolve of placing himself at the head of the crusade.

What's another word for infatuation?

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