Sentence Examples

  • Katie looked around, unable to tell if her sister.s empty closet was indicative of a weekend trip or something more permanent.
  • It began with the digits 3-2-5, indicative of a Ouray number.
  • The plane was scheduled to leave in 45 minutes but one look at the departure board was indicative of things to come.
  • His name, in which the Greek Avbpovucos is combined with the gentile name of one of the great Roman houses, while indicative of his own position as a manumitted slave, is also significant of the influences by which Roman literature was fostered, viz.
  • Coin Catalogue, Crete, &c.; P. Gardner, The Types of Greek Coins), which during the good period display a peculiarly picturesque artistic style distinct from that of the rest of the Greek world, and sometimes indicative of a revival of Minoan types.

What's another word for indicative?

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