Sentence Examples

  • In state gubernatorial elections after the Civil War the Democrats won in 1867, 1875,1882, 1886, 1894; the Republicans in 1871, 1879, 1890, 1898, 1902.
  • This surrender aroused strong opposition among the conservative or Cleveland Democrats, which culminated in the Hogg-Clark gubernatorial campaign of 1892.
  • Secretaries of the Territory who served as governors in the interims of gubernatorial terms or when the governor was absent from the Territory.
  • The governor may not be elected to the United States Senate during his gubernatorial term.
  • Leiberg, " Forest Conditions in the Northern Sierra Nevada " (1902); California Board of Forestry, Reports (1885-); semi-revolutionary rulers of 1831-1832 and 1836 (Alvarado), whose title rested on revolution, or on local choice under a national statute regarding gubernatorial vacancies.

What's another word for gubernatorial?

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