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  • Four of his books were of particular importance: Christian Nurture (1847), in which he virtually opposed revivalism and "effectively turned the current of Christian thought toward the young"; Nature and the Supernatural (1858), in which he discussed miracles and endeavoured to "lift the natural into the supernatural" by emphasizing the supernaturalness of man; The Vicarious Sacrifice (1866), in which he contended for what has come to be known as the "moral view" of the atonement in distinction from the "governmental" and the "penal" or "satisfaction" theories; and God in Christ (1849) (with an introductory "Dissertation on Language as related to Thought"), in which he expressed, it was charged, heretical views as to the Trinity, holding, among other things, that the Godhead is "instrumentally three - three simply as related to our finite apprehension, and the communication of God's incommunicable nature."
  • This is a governmental unit organized from an unincorporated township having at least 200 inhabitants,' and its principal officers are the moderator, clerk, three assessors, treasurer, collector, constable and school committee.
  • Cape Porpoise to Casco, and in issuing which the Council for New England had granted governmental as well as territorial rights.
  • Since 1898 the governmental changes previously referred to, the location of a new trans-continental railway terminus on the bay, and the new outlook to the Orient, created by the control of the Philippines by the United States, and increased trade in the Pacific and with the Orient, have stimulated the growth and ambitions of the city.
  • ACRE, ` Akka, or ST Jean D'Acre, the chief town of a governmental district of Palestine which includes Haifa, Nazareth and Tiberias.

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