Sentence Examples

  • There is an immense granary and a wool warehouse with capacity for 40,000 bales.
  • To the south-east stretches the fruitful plain of Beauce, "the granary of France," of which the town is the commercial centre.
  • South Beveland is sometimes called the "granary" and Walcheren the "garden" of Zeeland.
  • The Perche in the southwest and the Thimerais in the north-west are districts of hills and valleys, woods, lakes and streams. The region of the east and south is a level and uniform expanse, consisting for the most part of the riverless but fertile plain of Beauce, sometimes called the "granary of France."
  • - The " Valley of Virginia," called also the "Granary of the Confederacy," was cut into long parallel strips by ridges and rivers, across which passages were rare, and along which the Confederates could, with little fear of interruption from the east, debouch into Maryland and approach Washington itself.