Sentence Examples

  • The substantial genuineness of the discourses is now accepted by the great body of critics.
  • So far no evidence has been found in the cuneiform inscriptions or elsewhere in support either of the genuineness of the episode in its present form, or of the antiquity which is attributed to it (see further, J.
  • On the 10th of June 1688 she was present at the birth of the prince of Wales and gave evidence before the council in favour of the genuineness of the child.
  • Of the genuineness of the work no doubts are now entertained.
  • A letter like this, clear cut in its thought, teeming with ideas emanating from an unique religious experience, and admirably adjusted to known situations, bears on the face of it the marks of genuineness even without recourse to the unusually excellent external attestation.

What's another word for genuineness?

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