Sentence Examples

  • The complete philological examination of any work consisted, according to them, of the following processes: - BcopOwacs, arrangement of the text; dvayvwacs, settlement of accents; TExvr l, theory of forms, syntax; i rtyrtocs, explanation either of words or things; and finally,?puts, judgment on the author and his work, including all questions as to authenticity and integrity.
  • An opponent of the Tubingen school, his defence of the genuineness and authenticity of the gospel of St John is among the ablest that have been written; and although on some minor points his views did not altogether coincide with those of the traditional school, his critical labours on the New Testament must nevertheless be regarded as among the most important contributions to the maintenance of orthodox opinions.
  • The tradition fixing this hallowed place seems to have been constant throughout the whole of the Christian centuries, and it is one of the very few "holy places" shown to travellers and pilgrims in Palestine, the authenticity of which deserves consideration.
  • No objection has been made against the genuineness of the statements in the Adversus haereses, but the authenticity of the two letters has been stoutly contested in recent times by van Manen.
  • Certain recent critics, however, have questioned the authenticity of the narrative.

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