Sentence Examples

  • The Mortgage Bank (Uprava Fondova), founded in 1862, is a state institution which lends money for agricultural operations, &c. The Export Bank, founded in 1901, is a private bank under state supervision, with branches in Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, &c. Its chief object is the furtherance of Servian foreign commerce.
  • Does not seem to have been remarkable for the furtherance of horse-breeding; but it was then that post-horses and stages were introduced.
  • Refusing to be made a tool for the furtherance of Perdiccas's ambitions, Brasidas set about the accomplishment of his main object, and, partly by the rapidity and boldness of his movements, partly by his personal charm and the moderation of his demands, succeeded during the course of the winter in winning over the important cities of Acanthus, Stagirus, Amphipolis and Torone as well as a number of minor towns.
  • And Marlborough, who cared above all things for the furtherance of the war, gradually replaced Tories by Whigs in the ministry.
  • Athanasius was a man of action, but he also knew how to use his pen for the furtherance of his cause.

What's another word for furtherance?

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