Sentence Examples

  • "She's not crying," Howard said flatly from the doorway.
  • The latest type of tomb is a flatly vaulted chamber approached by a horizontal or slightly inclined way, whose sides converge above.
  • Priestley, and Canton continued the investigation, but it was reserved for the Abbe flatly to throw a clear light on this curious branch of the science (Traite de mineralogie, 1801).
  • Flatly discovered the same property in the Siberian and Brazilian topaz, borate of magnesia, mesotype, prehnite, sphene and calamine.
  • On the contrary, Louvois flatly refused Saint-Mars's request in 1672 to be allowed to do so, and was exceedingly chary of allowing it in 1675 (only "en cas de necessite," and "vous pouvez donner le dit prisonnier a M.