Sentence Examples

  • De Girardin, a rich financier, and occupy a cottage at Ermenonville.
  • Nothing could be more false than the common opinion that as a financier his sole expedient was to multiply the emissions of assignats.
  • JUAN FRANCISCO CAMACHO (1824-1896), Spanish statesman and financier, was born in Cadiz in 1824.
  • ALEXANDER JAMES DALLAS (1759-1817), American statesman and financier, was born on the island of Jamaica, West Indies, on the 21st of June 1759, the son of Dr Robert C. Dallas (d.
  • He was not a financier of genius; but he administered the public moneys with the same probity and exactitude which he used in managing his own, retrieving alienated property, straightening accounts, balancing expenditure and receipts, and amassing a reserve in the Bastille.

What's another word for financier?

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