Sentence Examples

  • Barnes, a banker whose name the institution bears.
  • On his return to Paris he had become acquainted with Etienne Claviere, the Genevese exile, and a banker named Panchaud.
  • Laymen also belonged to it, like Hermann of Fritzlar and Rulman Merswin, the rich banker of Strassburg (author of a mystical work, Buck der neon Felsen, on the nine rocks or upwards steps of contemplation).
  • The distinguished banker and famous dramatist, who as minister of finance was intent on retrenchment, and General Weyler, who as minister of war objected to any starving of the army.
  • JOHN HENRY NEWMAN (1801-1890), English Cardinal, was born in London on the 21st of February 1801, the eldest son of John Newman, banker, of the firm of Ramsbottom, Newman and Co.

What's another word for banker?

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