Sentence Examples

  • The inhabitants are partly Mahommedans, partly believers in fetish; comparatively few profess Christianity.
  • The essential feature of this cult is the bringing down of the celestial spirit by proper incantations and ritual into these fetish objects, the dove perched on a column sometimes indicating its descent.
  • A special form of this " baetylic " cult in Minoan Crete was the representation of the two principal divinities in their fetish form by double axes.
  • Great quantities of votive figures and objects of cult, such as the fetish double axes and stone tables of offering, were found both above and below.
  • The guidance of Hans Richter has given us a sure bulwark against the misrepresentation of Wagner; and so there is hope that Wagner may yet be saved from such an oblivion in fetish-worship as has lost Handel to us for so long.

What's another word for fetish?

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