Sentence Examples

  • The bulk of the inhabitants are fetish worshippers.
  • As to the religion, it is enough to point to the traces of human sacrifice and to the worship of rude fetish stones.
  • In many cases the fetish spirit is believed to leave the "godhouse" and pass for the time being into the body of the priest, who manifests the phenomena of possession (q.v.).
  • The term fetish is commonly understood to mean the worship of or respect for material, inanimate objects, conceived as magically active from a virtue inherent in them, temporarily or permanently, which does not arise from the fact that a god or spirit is believed to reside in them or communicate virtue to them.
  • The image or idol differs from the fetish, charm, talisman, phylactery or miraculous relic, only in this, that either in the flat or the round it resembles the power adored; it has a prototype capable of being brought before the eye and visualized.

What's another word for fetish?

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