Sentence Examples

  • All this was abolished by the Felony Act 1870, which provided for the appointment of an administrator to the property of the convict.
  • An assistant District Attorney had called about prosecuting a felony drug possession, but the second note was upsetting.
  • Paupers, insane, and those convicted of treason, felony or bribery in an election are barred, " while the disability continues," and no person in the military, naval or marine service of the United States is deemed.
  • But if the prisoner has been imprisoned on a charge of, or under sentence for, high treason, felony or misdemeanour, the rescue is high treason, felony or misdemeanour.
  • To the astonishment of everybody, Lord Cardigan escaped from a capital charge of felony because the full name of his antagonist (Harvey Garnett Phipps Tuckett) was not legally proved.

What's another word for felony?

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