Sentence Examples

  • At the same time Napoleon was making overtures both to Austria and to Italy, overtures which were favorably received.
  • The Triple Alliance was maintained and renewed as far as paper documents were concerned (in June 1902 it was reconfirmed for 12 years), but public opinion was no longer so favorably disposed towards it.
  • (reigned 272273), was favorably disposed to him; but Shapurs younger son, Bahram I.
  • Year, but looked favorably on the project of a Spanish marriage alliance, so that the chief Protestant and the chief Catholic powers might join together to impose peace on Europe, in the place of those hideous religious wars by which the last century had been disfigured.
  • Manufactures .T he maritime provinces, being those most favorably situated for the import of coal, and, where necessary, of raw material, are the chief seats of Spanish manufactures.