Sentence Examples

  • If you are taking a cruise to commemorate five, 10 or 25 years of wedded bliss, and don't want the fanfare of balloons, streamers and banners, then opt to recognize the milestone by taking part in some couples-only activities.
  • These changes were typically made with little fanfare; there was just a simple announcement that the role of "John" would now be played by "so-and-so," and viewers would simply have to get used to the new actor in the role.
  • King's Island hoped to continue the park's reputation of outstanding wooden roller coasters when Son of Beast, the largest single investment in the park's history to that point, opened in 2000 with tremendous fanfare.
  • The coaster first opened in July 1976 amid great fanfare - with two inversions arranged in a treacherous double corkscrew, the coaster offered high tech thrills at the very beginning of the roller coaster boom.
  • There are constantly new and improved versions of products being developed, this year's 'next big thing' being marketed or the latest 'must have' item hitting the shop shelves with a great fanfare.