Sentence Examples

  • Privileges It is only necessary to mention these here, but each fthe lord of the privileges requires an exhaustive examination o, as to its origin.
  • The precipitate, even after exhaustive washing with hot water, still contains a trace of alkali; but from the oxide, prepared from it by ignition, the alkali can be washed away.
  • The reader is referred to that paper for an exhaustive history and discussion of the intrument.
  • The best modern work on the subject is by the comtesse Catherine de Flavigny, entitled Sainte Brigitte de Suede, sa vie, ses revelations et son oeuvre (Paris, 1892), which contains an exhaustive bibliogr,aphy.
  • On the principle of contradiction this division is both exhaustive and exclusive; there can be no overlapping, and no members of the original genus or the lower groups are omitted.