Sentence Examples

  • These vessels are the nitrogenous excretory organs.
  • The excretory organs, the 5.
  • The excretory tubes, the nervous system, and the parenchyma and integument are continuous from one end of the worm to the other.
  • A, Dorsal view showing the nervous system and digestive system; a, mouth; b, pharynx; c, d, e, gut; E, post-genital union of two limbs of gut; f, excretory pore; g, vaginal pore; h, j, k, brain and nerves; 1, dorsal nerves; m, ventral nerves; n, adoral sucker; o, posterior sucker; p, hooks on posterior sucker; r, vitello-intestinal duct.
  • The excretory system is highly developed and opens at the posterior extremity by a paired muscular bladder.

What's another word for excretory?

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