Sentence Examples

  • Nineteen judges elected for terms of eight years in eighteen circuits compose the circuit court, the judges of which have original jurisdiction of matters involving more than $50; of all cases of habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warranto and prohibition; of all cases in equity; and of all crimes and misdemeanours.
  • EQUITY (Lat.
  • C. io) defines equity as a better sort of justice, which corrects legal justice where the latter errs through being expressed in a universal form and not taking account of particular cases.
  • Equity as thus described would correspond rather to the judicial discretion which modifies the administration of the law than to the antagonistic system which claims to supersede the law.
  • The part played by equity in the development of law is admirably illustrated in the well-known work of Sir Henry Maine on Ancient Law.

What's another word for equity?

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