Sentence Examples

  • At Antwerp the old citadel and enceinte were removed.
  • There are also a few traces of an inner enceinte of the Roman period.
  • The Porta della Fuga (the name alludes to the repulse of Hannibal) occupies the site of a Roman gate, but is itself medieval: while the medieval enceinte encloses a somewhat wider area than the ancient.
  • It is built partly on an island and partly on the left bank of the Oder; and owing to the fortified enceinte having been pushed farther afield, new quarters have been opened up. Among its most important buildings are the cathedral, in the Gothic, and a castle (now used as a courthouse), in the Renaissance style, two other Roman Catholic and three Protestant churches, a new town-hall, a synagogue, a military hospital, two classical schools (Gymnasien) and several libraries.
  • The town is a collection of bamboo houses of no importance, but there is a walled enceinte of some historical interest.

What's another word for enceinte?

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