Sentence Examples

  • During the Thirty Years' War the elector Philip Christopher von Sotern favoured France, and accepted French protection in 1631.
  • Thenceforward the elector of Trier held the third place in the electoral college.
  • Even so, Prussia was bereft of half of her territories; those west of the river Elbe went to swell the domains of Napoleon's vassals or to form the new kingdom of Westphalia for Jerome Bonaparte; while the spoils which the House of Hohenzollern had won from Poland in the second and third partitions were now to form the duchy of Warsaw, ruled over by Napoleon's ally, the elector (now king) of Saxony.
  • Those of the grand elector (Joseph Bonaparte), arch-chancellor of the empire (Cambaceres), arch-chancellor of state (Eugene de Beauharnais), arch-treasurer (Lebrun), constable (Louis Bonaparte), grand admiral (Murat).
  • Weston was ambassador from England to the elector palatine in 1619, and had the merit of being the first who introduced the great clover, as it was then called, into English agriculture, about 1652, and probably turnips also.

What's another word for elector?

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