Sentence Examples

  • Then he added, but if you can sneak it in, you might try Diversion, the coffee house.
  • F ul diversion was now to be undertaken in the south with a view to the complete conquest of that section.
  • Sure, and I was nothing but a temporary diversion - a local hick to provide you with entertainment.
  • Dazzled society by his Magyar uniform, which was encrusted all over, even to the boots, with pearls and diamonds; while the Turkish ambassador, Sarim Effendi, caused much diversion by his bewilderment.
  • The first of these events, to be dated from the alliance between the emperor Leopold and John Casimir, on the 2 7th of May 1657, led to a truce with the tsar and the welcome diversion of all the Muscovite forces against Swedish Livonia.

What's another word for diversion?

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