Sentence Examples

  • To complete the experiment, the graduated tube containing the expelled air is brought to a constant and determinate temperature and pressure, and this volume is the volume which the given weight of the substance would occupy if it were a gas under the same temperature and pressure.
  • It follows that the single resultant to which the system in general reduces is uniquely determinate, i.e.
  • 9 is balanced by three determinate tensions (or thrusts) in the three links, provided the directions of the latter are not concurrent.
  • Bare or indeterminate being, for instance, the first of the determinations of Hegel's logic, as the being of that which is not anything determinate, of Kant's thing-in-itself, for example, positively understood, implicated at once the notion of not-being, which negates it, and is one with it, yet with a difference, so that we have the transition to determinate being, the transition being baptized as becoming.
  • Yet the problem of the individual is really contained in this prior question; for determinate matter already involves particularity or this-ness.

What's another word for determinate?

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