Sentence Examples

  • In 1975, debunker Larry Kusche published The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved, where he tried to explain as many cases as possible and debunk many of [Urban Legends Hoaxes and Rumors the rumors].
  • If you believe you've captured a ghost on video or thermal imaging equipment, try to debunk your own evidence first before publishing it as an actual ghost video.
  • Technology Legends: Someone over at Tech Republic got so sick of all the technology-related urban legends that he posted the ten top sites to debunk urban legends.
  • If you've convinced yourself that every scrapbook page you create needs to be a work of art, it's time to debunk some of common myths about simple scrapbooking.
  • Although the team attempted numerous ways to debunk their own footage, they concluded that they actually captured paranormal activity on the thermal image.