Sentence Examples

  • If the fluctuations are irregular and non-periodic, teristics the sound is called a noise; if they are cyclic and follow a regular and sufficiently rapid periodic law, the sound is musical.
  • Deferring the detailed discussion of cyclic or ringed hydrocarbons, a correlation of the various types or classes of compounds which may be derived from hydrocarbon nuclei will now be given.
  • It will be seen that each type depends upon a specific radical or atom, and the copulation of this character with any hydrocarbon radical (open or cyclic) gives origin to a compound of the same class.
  • It may be noticed here that cyclic nuclei can only contain the groups > CH 2.
  • We proceed to consider various simple derivatives of the alcohols, which we may here regard as hydroxy hydrocarbons, R OH, where R is an alkyl radical, either aliphatic or cyclic in nature.

What's another word for cyclic?

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