Sentence Examples

  • In the midst of other labours Jowett had been quietly exerting his influence so as to conciliate all shades of liberal opinion, and bring them to bear upon the abolition of the theological test, which was still required for the M.A.
  • But Butler - for reasons satisfactory to himself, and eminently characteristic of the man; he hoped to conciliate his age!
  • The emperor Was still disposed to conciliate the Jews; and, at the instance of Agrippa, son of Agrippa I., Cumanus was banished.
  • The people, whom he had tried to conciliate, were roused against him; John sent assassins and finally procured an order from Jerusalem for his recall.
  • Edward hoped still to conciliate the nobles and gain Scotland by a policy of clemency to all who did not dispute his authority.

What's another word for conciliate?

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