Sentence Examples

  • As much as many individuals would like a free preview of what a psychic has to offer, the most popular psychics have built up a sizable clientele and do not feel the need to prove themselves to the skeptics.
  • Outbreaks have occurred in schools and colleges (up to 25 incidents reported annually in the United States), among restaurant clientele, in institutions such as long-term care facilities, and in other settings serving the public.
  • Ultra Diamonds provides its clientele with ultra luxury and beauty without an ultra price, letting a stunning engagement ring or other piece of diamond or gemstone jewelry be well within everyone's budget.
  • Those gowns are perfect because they are based on the designer's famous celebrity clientele (like Kate Hudson and Beyonce), who then in turn wear the looks at the award shows and other red carpet events.
  • The company has been in business for more than 21 years and they have built an impressive Internet clientele list during the past nine years, offering clear pictures and descriptions of their products.