Sentence Examples

  • You can also shop for Kenmore replacement parts on other appliance part websites or you might get lucky and your local appliance parts store or vacuum cleaner repair shop might have the part you need in stock or be able to order if for you.
  • Open windows or otherwise ventilate the room when using ammonia, chlorine bleach, oven cleaner, degreasers, spray paints, dry cleaning fluid, furniture polish, or other household products that give off strong vapors at room temperature.
  • Facebook, currently one of Myspace's most ferocious competitors, is credited as a more sophisticated Myspace, with a cleaner interface and a more mature feel that has drawn every demographic from college students to senior citizens.
  • It is cleaner than coke and is said to FIG.
  • He started at nine years' old as an errand boy, but he soon passed into the service of the Great Western Railway Co., first as engine-cleaner, afterwards becoming fireman and engine-driver.