Sentence Examples

  • The skull is abnormally thick and the cerebral capacity small.
  • Osborn, " The Origin of the Corpus Callosum, a contribution upon the Cerebral Commissures of the Vertebrata," Morphol.
  • In all Chaetopods this system consists of cerebral ganglia connected by a circumoesophageal commissure with a ventral ganglionated cord.
  • Each renal organ is a sac lined with glandular epithelium (ciliated cell, with concretions) communicating with the exterior by its papilla, and by ce, Cerebral ganglia.
  • Ce, Cerebral arteries; sp, supra - spinal or medullary artery; c, caudal artery; 1, lateral anastomotic artery of Limulus.

What's another word for cerebral?

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