Sentence Examples

  • It was while conducting the siege of Roxburgh Castle that James was killed, through the bursting of a cannon, on the 3rd of August 1460.
  • This practice is a survival of the older method of moistening the seed with a little water, while the seeds were bruised under edge-runners, so as to lower the temperature and facilitate the bursting of the cells.
  • Marib, the Sabaean capital, was celebrated for its great dam, built according to tradition by the Queen of Sheba, and the bursting of which in A.D.
  • The excitement following on the bursting of the South Sea Bubble (q.v.), and the death or ruin of the leading ministers, brought Sir Robert Walpole to the front (1721).
  • Examination of one case, however, namely, the bursting in 1895 of the Bouzey dam, near Epinal, in France, by which many lives were lost, has brought out several points of great interest.

What's another word for bursting?

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