Sentence Examples

  • 2006; Batten in Zeit.
  • At the Restoration Sir William Batten became once more surveyor of the navy.
  • In 1648, when Sir William Batten went over to Holland with a portion of his squadron, Ayscue's influence kept a large part of the fleet loyal to the Parliament, and in reward for this service he was appointed the following year admiral of the Irish Seas.
  • To the end of the First Civil War, Batten continued to patrol the English seas, and his action in 1647 in bringing into Portsmouth a number of Swedish ships of war and merchantmen, which had refused the customary salute to the flag, was approved by parliament.
  • When part of the fleet revolted against the parliament, and joined the prince of Wales in Holland, May 1648, Batten went with them.

What's another word for batten?

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