Sentence Examples

  • Sometimes the ny becomes reduced to y; one occasionally meets in manuscripts with seyor, ay, for senyor, any, but this pronunciation has not become general, as has been the case with the y having its origin in it.
  • Ay Same Scale ' K A N S A', S, ,,ynm?n,?im,r?
  • It may also be prepared by condensing ay-dimethylquinoline and formaldehyde, the resulting a-ethanollepidine, C9H5 CH3N(CH2 CH2.OH), breaks down on heating and forms lepidine (W.
  • W a q anza s E 0_ nn JJ Po h oon ?'?.??,??e i I i L AY 122 D Longitude West of Greenwich A B;., :.
  • In this reaction the proportions of aldehyde and acetoacetic ester may be interchanged and ay disubstituted pyridines are then obtained.

What's another word for ay?

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