Sentence Examples

  • He is a second autocrat, he concluded with a victorious smile.
  • All these undertakings, in which the humane, liberal-minded autocrat received the sympathy, support and co-operation of the more enlightened of his subjects, were successfully accomplished.
  • In Russia, too, certain reforms were carried out; but they could not survive the suspicious interference of the autocrat and his officials.
  • Stolypin defended the ukaz of the 2nd of June 1907, which in flat contradiction of the provisions of the fundamental laws altered the electoral law without the consent of the legislature, on the ground that what the autocrat had granted the autocrat could take away.
  • In the last months of his life, under the influence of a great national disaster, the conscientious, persistent autocrat began to suspect that his system was a mistake, but he still clung to it obstinately.

What's another word for autocrat?

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